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Close your eyes and imagine it with me for a minute. 

You’re looking at your photos on Instagram, on your website, and other media outlet and hate the photos because they don’t represent anything that you are feeling or your brand. 

You start to question.

Who is this person? What message is it saying to the world? How does this picture relate to the work that I actually do?

You are feeling frustrated and uninspired because you’ve had soooooooo many shoots before but your message is still not being witnessed and captured.

Now Close Your Eyes Again And Imagine… 

You are smack in the middle of your magical Soulography Brand Photoshoot.

You are loving how you are feeling!

Your Soul, Your Essence and Your aligned message are finally being captured on camera.

What happens during the Soulography Shoot that's pure Magic and Ohhhhh so different than any other shoot?

Dani is a Photographer + Certified life coach that can read YOUR essence, YOUR soul, and is captured on camera and through editing becomes Magazine- Quality photos.

When someone witnesses your soul with deep acceptance and reverence it moves you in ways that you have never been moved before.



What’s included in a Soulography Brand Photography photo shoot?


My job is to make sure you have a magical photo shoot experience that makes you feel really beautiful, confident, and present in your body and your brand – so I can capture that emotion on camera and deliver great photos that convey the feeling and story of your soul.  

All photo shoots are a full day, shot on location or in a professional studio, somewhere in the world where you and I both want to be ( New York, California, Massachusetts,Italy, Ireland, Spain, Chile).  

This is a your SOUL experience, designed with one goal: get you comfortable, relaxed and being yourself in front of the camera, so I can capture what makes you unique.


• A call with me to capture what your soul story of your brand and plan your photo shoot experience 

• Editorial plan to capture 5 stories at your shoot – each with a unique location and look

• Wardrobe advice and styling

• 75+ color-perfected ready-to-use images for your website, instagram and PR within 2 weeks of your shoot.