Just Be You is an extension of the award-winning project Real Beauty: Uncovered and provides a space where women from every walk of life can come together to be inspired, empowered, supported and accepted in a community with each other.

The “Just Be You” meet-up will be the perfect balance of loving encouragement and straight-up kicking your butt to JUST BE YOU!

Expect to be energized and motivated. Expect to cry and laugh and maybe drink too much coffee. Expect to reconnect with those dreams and goals you’ve been carrying around for years without any idea of what to do with them.

Expect to be inspired.

Expect to be empowered.

Expect to JUST BE YOU.

You will hear stories from the creator of Real Beauty: Uncovered and what she has learned from interviews with over 500 women. Get some badass motivational tips on how to move forward and basically feel like you can accomplish anything because girl you know you can!

You will leave feeling inspired to create that change you need to move forward.



I feel empowered, " This is the first time in my life that I showed up for myself, and it feels amazing" -J

“Dani is a force of hope for all. She not only shares her journey with hardship openly, she provides all people with motivation to get through whatever they’re going through. The Just Be You event helped me be present with myself, move on, and see my own beauty” -Coline


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