"Stop constantly waiting for something."

Where the words that I kept hearing over and over again. I had no idea that one second of one moment from a line in a movie would have so much damn impact on me. 

Has that ever happen to you? 

You are sitting in your living room eating some snacks watching this movie that everyone raved about and the words hit you like a ton of bricks. SMACK right in the gut and you are gasping for air hoping that no one in the room would notice how much that sentence sucker punched you. 
Yea that was me a few years back.

I was in my living room when everything hit me all at once. I had no purpose. The crazy thing was that I had 2 kids at the time. Which, in anyone's mind, would think hey, there's your purpose. The two little lives that you created. They were and still are my purpose, but that wasn't the only purpose I had nor did I just want to have. 

I was missing something. Everything in my body was screaming. And all of a sudden I looked around and saw things as they were. 

You guys, for years I was blind to it all. Thinking that this is the way that it should be. I mean I was in it, I had said yes and as the responsible adult I took the road and headed straight towards everything that was wrong for me. The worst part was that I knew it. I knew something was off, but I choose to ignore it. 
What was my purpose? 🌟

This is for the individual:

Who is ready to connect to themselves

Who is tired of not listening to their innermost desires.

Who is ready to Step Into Her Their without any regrets.

Who is ready to Reclaim Your life as YOUR OWN.

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