7 Reasons For A Creative To Hire A Life Coach That Speaks Their Creative Language

I remember walking into the room with all these business mindset people and my big idea of Art being the center of how we are going to change the world as we knew it became. My idea became completely obsolete next to the colored pie charts and line charts. And they had all these numbers to back up any colored table.

How was I ever going to make it in a world where I wanted to show my presentation with doodles and drawings with the beautiful colored pencils I just purchased from the art store. How was I going to be able to get my point across to the linear thinkers? Because let’s face it, we as creators can, maybe, understand linear thinkers but we also add tons of colors in-between the lines. But, in my experience, linear thinkers do not understand creatives. It’s like we are from planet Mars and we are speaking Martianish(is that the word)?


So on top of all my fears of trying to make my creative path my passion-based career. I also have to explain how this is going to work linearly. Giving them 5-year projections on how I think my product will do. I didn’t know that real life was Kevin O'Leary from the Shark Tank, yelling at me to provide him with projected sales for the next quarter. And then telling me that I was going to fail because it’s not going to meet the mark. I will not invest!

Then came my big aha moment. I really didn't have to explain this in a foreign language. I could actually just explain it the way that I saw it. I knew in my heart that it would work, I could give you all those projections, but in doodle form or if it had to be in numerical value I could write it in the handmade paper. I knew that what I wanted to do was going to change the world. All I had to do was find the people that could understand it and then translate it as needed.

It never became more apparent to me than when I became a life-coach for creatives. I would meet up with a client, and they would say to me over and over again how empowered they felt because they were finally understood.

So what are the 12 Reasons A Creative Should Hire A Life Coach That Speaks Their Creative Language

No matter how you look at it, life is hard. With so much pressure and so many obligations, it’s clear to see why we often feel overwhelmed and anxious. As the weeks, months and years pass, that pressure mounts. It piles on top of us, adding more weight to the shoulders that can’t seem to bear another ounce of it.

Yet, we carry on. We move forward, facing everything that life throws at us. As a result, we suffer. Our personal lives decline, our good habits falter and fail, and we retreat into the comforts and confines of the status quo that we’re so used to. It’s easy to allow life to pass us by when we’re so consumed by meaningless tasks and time-wasters.

That’s the reason why a good creative life coach is so important. We often get so ingrained and set in our ways that it’s hard to see things from a fresh perspective. It’s difficult to fathom and digest the possibilities that exist out there in the world when we’re so used to operating within what we’ve deemed “safe” for so long.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” — Pete Carroll

  1. Doodling is completely Allowed!

    Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. We get sucked into the notion of success and know that we want to achieve something, but we feel so helpless that we just fail to start. The enormity of big goals can often overwhelm us. It’s hard to get clear on things when you can’t even get past that feeling of helplessness and not knowing where to start. Life coaches can assess your personal situation and help you get on the path towards taking action towards your dreams.

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2. You Have Trouble Following Through With Goals

For most people, achieving goals is hard. It’s not just the art of goal setting that they find difficult, but actually following through. However, a creative life coach can help you not only define your goals, but also to help you find powerful enough reasons for why you must achieve them in the first place.

3. Limiting Beliefs Have Been Holding You Back

Most of the time, we find it difficult to follow through with things in life because, in our subconscious minds, we have limiting beliefs that are holding us back. A life coach is instrumental in helping you to identify those limiting beliefs so that you can push forward rather than feeling left behind.

4. You’re Unable To Define A Clear Vision

Sometimes we feel like we’re living our lives according to someone else’s rules or wishes. We have goals, but they’re not what we really want. Because of that, we lack a clear vision. We’re so confused, being pushed and pulled in every direction, that we’re unable to create that clear vision for what we want out of life.

Creative life coaches can help you cut through all the noise and get clear on what you want. It isn’t the easiest thing to understand, especially when trying to see it from a perspective that we’ve been looking at it from for years or decades even.

5. The Passion You Once Had For Life Is Gone

I remember not having passion in my life and in my work. It happen right after college when I realized that the career that I chose was for all the wrong reasons. I had no more desire to be create, to smile or to do anything that I once loved. Essentially I lost myself. Those were the darkest times in my life. But it forced back to my why. Back to ask those questions that I was avoiding and not giving myself the permission to answer.

6. You Get Easily Sidetracked By Time-Wasters

It’s easy to get sidetracked in life. We have bad habits that are hard to quit and it’s difficult to manage our time to make progress. Often, we’re stuck spinning our wheels. I know I feel that way sometimes. But, those time-wasters can completely debilitate us from achieving anything in life.

7. You’re Completely Lost And Stuck

There was a time when I lost hope in anyone really upstanding the big picture the way that I wanted to describe it. It was frustrating to not be able to communicate what I was seeing in my mind. When you feel like that, you can’t even focus on getting through the day, let alone moving closer to your goals. If you feel lost or stuck you absolutely need creative life coach.

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