Investing in YOURSELF is ONE of the most transformational things you can do for YOURSELF

Okay. Now how many of you read that title and either scoffed at it. Got triggered by it or plainly didn’t believe in it at all?

I’m betting that it’s quite a few and if I’m wrong please comment below...

I remember not too long ago believing that I had to put in the time into just working and how could I possibly invest in myself? I mean I already invested in college now it’s time to just work with what I have. Plus I have so many responsibilities: kid, home, work, clean, fill in the blank.

But what I was really doing was just buying time to not think or pay attention to what was working and what wasn’t. I just numbed it all. Which, by this point, I was used to numbing emotions, that it became second nature to just keep plugging away.

It’s the irony of it all guys.

I wasn’t happy where I was. But I wasn’t committed to changing anything. I was just committed to doing more of the same.

But doing the same just gets you the same results. Pretty simple, right?.

And then it happen.


One day I was asked to invest in myself, in a big way that seemed pretty scary at the time. I wanted to change and need to do it for myself, so I took the leap. I remember thinking how scared I was and I HAD NO CLUE how I was going to handle everything. The hours I need to commit to myself and the money that was being asked of me.

It was literally one of the scariest things that I did. Never mind childbirth and having back surgery.

INVESTING in myself meant that I had to believe that I was enough.

Investing in myself meant that I didn’t have any place to hide anymore. Investing in myself meant I had to call my own bullshit out and know that the life I have always dreamt of was not a“pipe dream.” and that I was ready to claim it for myself.

This was life on MY OWN terms.

Yea, some people didn’t “get it.” Yea, setting boundaries, putting my needs first and guarding my energy felt hard at first. Sure, speaking my truth with power and grace took work. And Yes, Stepping Into Your Life means getting HONEST about what isn’t working and owning your zone of genius. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

See Investing in yourself doesn’t mean that you are failing at what you are doing. It’s just getting clarity on what isn’t working and why.

So for all those who scoff at the idea of investing in yourself. I call out your bullshit and invite you to RECLAIM your own LIFE in YOUR OWN TERMS.

Dani McDonaldComment