Dani McDonald

Photographer & Creator of Soulography+Real Beauty: Uncovered. Motivational Badass + Foodie + Complete Clown. Transforming One Life at a time.

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Dani is the creator and photographer behind Soulography & Real Beauty: Uncovered, a Motivational Life Coach, A Hypnosis Coach and a Lifestyle Expert.

She focuses on capturing life and exploring the beauty of what is 'real'. In a world where the touched-up and altered images of women in the media have stirred much discussion, she photographs people barefaced, real and honest.  She has been awarded the Atlantic Heath Healing Arts Artist of the Month 2016;

Was Recognized:


Her Real Beauty: Uncovered Project has empowered hundreds and have made a transformational life-changing impact on all those who have been part of the experience.  

Dani also is the voice for the Just Be You RBU Podcast. 

She also won the healing Atlantic Healing Arts Award of the month 2016

Atlantic health system's healing arts coalition is a group of passionate people from the community who recognize and understand the value of the arts in the healing process. Members of the coalition educate, inspire and encourage people to participate and share the healing benefits inherent in the creative process.

I've been working on RBU I feel like all my entire life.  Trying desperately to always fit in because I had this belief that I was so different.  I was born in the USA, but when I was barely 8 months old my mom took me back to her home city in Chile.  I have so many fond memories of being there, learning all the corners of Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar.

 I can't really remember how my parents told me that I was about to embark on a journey that will forever change my life. All I remember was holding on to Mickey Mouse really tight knowing that things were going to change and that life was never going to be the same again.

 I started RBU after many years of learning who I am.  Most importantly accepting who I am fully!  I hope that you can embark on the journey with me and allow for all those folds of life to unfold into lessons of self-discovery."


" Dani is an amazing soul with so much love, determination, grit, guidance & inspiration!! That night was a grounding force me sending me back to NYC empowered! With so much love & gratitude!"

/  Kirsten  /

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“Dani is a force of hope for all. She not only shares her journey with hardship openly, but she also provides all people with motivation to get through whatever they’re going through. The Just Be You event helped me be present with myself, move on, and see my own beauty”

/  Coline  /