Hello Love!

I am so excited for you to drop into my Photo Journal! Here you will get to know me and see some select photos from my soulography sessions.

When I finally said yes and invited in ALL of my gifts into my work as a photographer ,it led to the most magical adventure way beyond my the wildest dreams…

Can’t wait to share it with you!

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I was so excited to work with Dani from our initial conversation. She asked for my ideas and we were able to bring the vision to life, even with my 3-year old in-tow ;) Dani is a kind soul who sprinkles some spark in you and really pulls out your passion. It’s so nice to have met and connected with another creative momtrepreneur who is changing lives! I highly recommend all her work.
The day of the shoot I was feeling super excited and nervous at the same time. When we arrived at the first location (The MET), it took me several minutes to compose myself. Dani, with just a few keywords, snapped me right into character. Her calm and soothing direction made it very easy for me to open up and absorb my surroundings. As the day went on the experience became more spontaneous and natural. Dani was always camera ready and she would snap photos when I least expected it. That’s when I became more comfortable making faces, laughing, leaping, dancing and CONQUERING.

At the end of the shoot, I can say that Dani was the mastermind in helping me conquer. Conquer the walls that I had in making one of my dreams come true. In a matter of a few hours, I was an ancient queen, a leader, a nomadic fighter, a dancer, a romantic, a Believer.

The beauty of this photoshoot is that it was a process. A process of talking through; discussing ideas; sharing past, present, and future; and simply saying the truth. The process brought out the truth and the truth is revealed in the imagery.

So, Thank You Dani, for being the Mastermind in channeling Truth, so I can be free to Conquer and Believe.

When is our next journey?
Dani truly helped to create one of the biggest shifts in my life. She walked me through a profound healing that I believe is a new beginning for me. Dani is loving and gentle and incredibly insightful. Our session took me deep into major blocks that have been a part of my family for generations, blocks I could never have even identified if it were not for her. She then helped me release them and left me feeling light and sparkly and truly myself! Dani is magical and I can’t wait to continue working with her.
I’m someone who loves photoshoots and I’ve photographed with a lot of photographers and Dani is something completely different. She is gifted not only in her art, in her creative expression but in her ability to see and witness.
— cara viana hollenbeck



To make sure you have a magical photo shoot experience that makes you feel really beautiful, confident, and present in your body and your brand – so I can capture that emotion on camera and deliver great photos that convey the feeling and story of your soul. 

This is your soul experience, designed with one goal: get you comfortable, relaxed and being yourself in front of the camera, so I can capture what makes you unique.


I AM Grateful:

I am grateful everyday for my husband who has taught so many things, but the most importantly he has taught me what it is to love. I am grateful for my kiddos who are my teachers and endless love. I am grateful for all my lessons for they have brought me to this place with sisters who I love and adore.